Elite Africa House

Based in Ghana we are located in the District of East Legon

Mon - Sat

9:00am - 17:30pm

Becoming a leader within the community is a challenging process that requires you to demonstrate confidence many times. No day is the same and having self-confidence in your decisions, or confidence to demonstrate certain skills goes along way. For example at a board meeting with partners and investors or undertaking assessed presentations at a public meeting.  It is much easier to take on these challenges if you feel confident to do so. 

The best way to become confident is by embracing all that comes outside of your comfort zone as it contributes to ultimately to your growth.  What this means is you have to understand that we all mature and develop at different paces.  If you practise confidence then you will become more confident through your experiences.  The second way to improve your confidence, is also to spend time with confident people.  This is Medic Mentor’s approach to improving your confidence; by creating  teaching programmes like the Medicine Leadership Programme that challenges you, whilst also giving you a chance to surround yourself with doctors.