Elite Africa House

Based in Ghana we are located in the District of East Legon

Mon - Sat

9:00am - 17:30pm

We understand that no student is the same, which is why we have created personalised mentoring programmes for both applying students and current scholarship students.

Our main goal is to teach students how to become excellent leaders in their respective sectors and valued members of their communities throughout Africa.

Instilling the values of a great leader is a patient & challenging process that takes real time and effort.

Learning from more experienced peers is one of the best ways to develop skills and careers. 

Mentoring is the relationship where a mentee is paired up with a mentor to help them develop and achieve their goals. Mentoring is about mutual trust and respect. It is a two-way relationship – where you both get the chance to learn new things. Every mentoring relationship is different, but each will present the opportunity for both mentor and mentee to learn from each other.

We are very different to organisations who take on students who just want to travel abroad to study.

A student that only focus on gaining an excellent entrance exam score, whilst ignoring the importance of developing their personal attributes will not be successful at getting scholarship offers from Elite Africa.

In order to further develop students we have designed a curriculum that students can engage with from as early as the Age of 11.   

The curriculum and programs work alongside the mentoring program and not only tackles the entrance application, but also aims to grow student confidence, interview etiquette and interpersonal skills.

This is an exciting time, but also a challenging one.  Applying for a scholarship or studying abroad at college or at university should not be a traumatic experience.  

Careers advice from institutions can be incredibly limited and, in some instances, not fit for purpose.  We help families ease this stressful time by beefing up our general knowledge about a new environment and ensure we have links in the community that can offer integration guidance.

This is why mentoring is so important, because not only does it give families and scholars access to up-to-date information, it also gives scholars approachable and friendly allies to help navigate this journey.  

  • A personal mentor who works in your area of interest to help you develop and navigate the ups and downs throughout the duration of your scholar program.
  • Free one-to-one coaching and advice from your mentor, whether that be helping you to pick which apprentice firms to apply for, the fine-tuning of your resume, practising interview techniques, or assistance building a social or professional network.
  • Invitations to exclusive Elite Africa events, such as networking evenings, panel discussions, and skills workshops.