Elite Africa House

Based in Ghana we are located in the District of East Legon

Mon - Sat

9:00am - 17:30pm

Encouraging individuals to form and maintain a strong relationship with their faith

Encouraging individuals to be proud of where they come from and to keep in touch with their loved ones and home town communities along their journey of self and professional improvement

Encouraging individuals to represent their home town communities with integrity and credibility

Encouraging individuals to continuously strive for excellency in all they do and not to be overawed or scared to display talent in the company of other cultures

Encouraging individuals to mutually respect the different Cultures, Tribes & Traditions that make Africa great

Elite Africa is socially inclusive foundation. We do not ignore communities or individuals that may face additional barriers to accessing support and education due to discrimination, location or social status

Elite Africa is not affiliated with, and does not have bias toward, a political party

Engaging and working together with communities in order to identify their underlying needs and to bring forth ideas and solutions aimed towards satisfying those needs

Helping people recognize their individual and corporate callings by helping them to discover and develop to their potential to live out their purpose

Elite Africa remains resolute in creating a credible, trusted and abundant environment that will allow people from all walks of life to access and contribute towards impactful solutions and charitable programs in Africa and throughout the wider African Diaspora