Elite Africa House

Based in Ghana we are located in the District of East Legon

Mon - Sat

9:00am - 17:30pm

As a Cornerstone Trainee you will participate in a bespoke full-time scholarship/job training programme.  These placements are specially designed to develop leaders within their targeted sector.  The aim of these programs is to equip successful participants with the skills to transplant operations of successful industries from overseas markets into the African continent.

Is Elite Mentorship and Guidance inclusive?

Enrolled students will also take part in the Cornerstone leadership programme which will introduce students to elite mentorship and corporate accountability.  All mentors are involved on a pro bono basis and possess the patience, wisdom and experience to guide trainees towards their targets as they acquire the skills they need to implement and lead impactful change in Africa.

What happens after my studying is finished?

After finishing a full-time study with one of our accredited education partners, programme participants will progress unto a tailored Job placement with one of our official business partners.  Here participants will use their theory to gain practical experience in all levels of the workplace.  Trainees will also learn vital lessons on how to access their support network, gain an understanding of the key issues, and gain an understanding on how to support staff within the organisation with different roles.

What happens after my Job placement is finished?

Once trainees complete the allocated Job placement term at our partner organisation the participant will be eligible to proceed to the final level. 

The final level is a paid position at a new or existing operation in Africa. Here trainees will finish off their leadership training.